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NZI, a brand of Insurance Australia Group, is a leading general insurer in Thailand offering a diverse mix of commercial and personal insurance products.


Our business in Thailand began trading in 1985 as a company called 'Sun Alliance Insurance (Thailand)' or 'Santiparb Prakanpai'. In 1997, and following a merger of two major British insurers, Sun Alliance and Royal Insurance, a new name was adopted "Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance (Thailand) Ltd."


This successful business became a part of Insurance Australia Group, the leading general insurance group in Australia and New Zealand in July 2005. The company was re-registered in line with the new parent company as "IAG Insurance (Thailand) Ltd." and adopted one of Insurance Australia Group already successful brands, "NZI" under which to operate.


IAG Insurance (Thailand) Limited and Safety Insurance Public Company Limited have received an approval from the OIC to integrate their businesses and operate under Safety Insurance Public Company Limited company name from July 2011 onwards.


The integration is aimed at increasing capital efficiency, and taking proactive steps to meet the regulation for all large insurers in Thailand to become public companies by 2013.


We will continue to provide you high quality performance as Safety Insurance Public Company Limited New Petchburi Road Branch (NZI). You may continue to expect delivery of our current customer focused products and services.


Insurance Australia Group will still be our ultimate parent company as IAG also has a majority interest in Safety Insurance. IAG has an S&P rating of A+.


The "NZI" brand has a history going back almost 150 years since its formation in 1859 as the major brand of the IAG Group in New Zealand.


We are committed in delivering sustainable high quality performance to our customers. Our leading performance in customer service, our strong reputation and our solid financial foundation, position us well to look after the needs of business customers and individual customers throughout Thailand for the long term.


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