Electronic Equipment Insurance

What is Electronic Equipment Insurance?

Electronic Equipment Insurance covers accidental, unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to electronic equipment (Including system software) against sudden & unforeseen physical damage by any cause or peril those are not excluded under the Policy.

Suitable For

Any corporate, owned equipment and/or hired in equipment.


Electronic Equipment Insurance covers sudden, unforeseen and accidental loss or damage to equipment caused by:

  • fire and lightning,
  • explosion, electrical breakdown,
  • flood and water damages,
  • extraneous impact and collision,
  • cyclone, storm and other atmospheric disturbances,
  • theft & burglary,
  • failure of air-conditioning equipment,
  • negligence, faulty operation, carelessness, etc. with subject to exceptions mentioned in the policy. 

Key Features

  • This insurance covers sudden, unforeseen and accidental loss or damage to a variety of electronic equipment.