Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

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If at any time during the period stated in the Schedule hereto or during any period for which the Company may accept payment for the renewal of this Policy the Insured shall sustain any loss caused by any act or acts of forgery embezzlement larceny or fraudulent conversion of money and/or stock in trade belonging to or held in trust by the Insured committed by the Employed in connection with their his or her employment as specified in the Schedule hereto and the uninterrupted continuance of such Employed in the said employment the Company shall make good and reimburse to the Insured the amount of such money or the value of such stock in trade comprising such loss but not exceeding in the case of each of the Employed the amount set against his or her name in the said Schedule provided that such loss shall be discovered within six months after the death dismissal or retirement of such Employed or (b) within six months after this Policy shall have ceased to exist as regards such Employed whichever of these events shall first happen.

Key Features

  • Cover embezzlement carried out by own staff.