Thailand UltraCare Plan

What is Thailand UltraCare?

The Thailand UltraCare plan provides a lower-cost alternative for those who do not require the high limits of our core plans but do want the peace of mind that comes with having a solid safety net in place for major illnesses and incidents that may occur while in Thailand and abroad.

Key Features

฿10 million annual limit
Family friendly pricing: every other child covered free of charge
Worldwide cover (exc. USA). In-patient treatment costs outside of Thailand are subject to a ฿68,000 deductible (applied per-medical condition, per-plan year). Out-patient costs are not subject to a deductible
Freedom to choose your healthcare provider: no restrictive hospital lists
No-claims discounts: starting with your first year of cover, you’ll benefit from a discount on your premium for every claims free year up to a maximum of 25%. (10% year 1 / 15% year 2 / 20% year 3 / 25% year 4).

Benefits at a Glance

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Overall Plan Limit (annual) ฿10,000,000
Default Area of Cover Worldwide excluding USA

Cancer Care

All treatment for cancer, including bone marrow transplants. This benefit covers treatment aimed to cure cancer, treatment of a cancer which is diagnosed as a chronic medical condition, palliative treatment and care during the end stages of a cancer.

Paid in full

In-Patient and Daycare Treatment

General medical costs, MRI/PET/CT scans & X-rays, surgery, nursing fees and hospital accommodation

Paid in full
General Out-Patient Consultations, Treatment and Tests Paid up to ฿60,000
Out-Patient Surgical Procedures Paid in full

Maintenance of Chronic Conditions

In and out-patient treatment for controlling chronic conditions inc. drugs & dressings, specialists fees, kidney dialysis and scans

Paid up to a lifetime limit of ฿2,720,000

Terminal Care

Palliative care for a condition diagnosed as terminal.

Paid in full
Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Paid up to ฿3,400,000
Local Ambulance Paid in full
Routine Health Checks Not covered
Organ Transplants Paid up to ฿10 million

Out-Patient Dental Treatment

Restoration of natural teeth inc. fillings, root canals and crowns. Available after 182 days of continuous cover.

Not covered
HIV or AIDS (cover available after 4 years of continuous cover) Paid up to a lifetime limit of ฿3,400,000

Red24 travel security services

Personal security information for travel safety; 24/7 international rescue and response service for potentially life-threatening non-medical events.

AdviceLine only

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