Making a Travel Claim

(Worldwide Travel Insurance)

If you are making a claim under your travel insurance policy, you must the conditions set out below.

Telling us about claims

In a medical emergency You or your representative must telephone Hotline no. +66(0)2 205-7727 as soon as possible. Any other claim As soon as you become aware of an event that will give rise to a claim, you must call our Claims Department Tel. no. +66(0)2 257-8000 Ext. 8053,8058,8059. You must send us any evidence that we ask for regarding your claim. The cost of obtaining such evidence will be your responsibility. We will then send you a claim form, which should be completed and returned with all supporting evidence. You can wait until you return to Thailand to call us, but you must tell us about any claim within 28 days of returning from your trip.


We will require the following evidence:

PART I: General Documents (For all types of claims)

  • Copy of policy schedule including itinerary page.
  • Certified copy of passport with Visa stamp.
  • Original air ticket or certified copy.
  • Boarding pass (if available).
  • Completed claim form.

PART II: Additional Documents

Section I and 2: Medical Expense & Personal Accident

  • Medical Certificate / Medical report
  • Medical bill detailing expenses Additional in case of death.
  • Death documents certificate.
  • Autopsy report.

Section 3: Cancelling and cutting short the trip

  • Detailed receipts of accommodation, meal and other cost incurred.
  • Tour operator cancellation invoice showing any refund made.
  • Travel booking invoice (accommodation and transportation) Insured cancel or cut short the trip.
  • Doctor certificate and/or death certificate of ill or injured person who causes the trip to be cancelled or cut short.
  • Medical bills Trip is cancelled.
  • Cancellation invoice issued by the carrier, trip provider or their agents.

Section 4: Travel delay

  • Letter from carrier detailing the reason for the delay, length of delay , the scheduled and departure/arrival times.
  • Travel booking invoice (accommodation and transportation).

Section 5: Baggage delay

  • Detailed receipts of essentially purchased items.
  • Property irregularity report obtained from your airline or a letter from the carrier detailing the delay.
  • Baggage claim ticket.

Section 6: Loss of personal baggage

  • A letter to certify loss or damage of baggage (s) from the carrier or hotel if the loss or damage occurred in their custody.
  • A copy of police report within 24 hours of the incident.
  • Baggage claim ticket.
  • Purchased receipt of lost, damaged or stolen items.
  • Repairer’s estimate or confirmation of damage beyond repair.

Section 7: Loss of personal money

  • A copy of the police report within 24 hours of the incident.
  • Receipts for traveller’s cheques and currency transactions.
  • A letter to certify loss or damage of money from the hotel if the loss or damage occurred in their custody.

Section 8: Loss of passport

  • A copy of the police report within 24 hours of the incident.
  • A letter from the consular representative within 24 hours of the incident confirming date of loss, notification of loss and replacement.
  • Receipts of expenses for essential travel document reproduction
  • Detail receipts of extra travel and accommodation costs incurred abroad to enable insured to obtain replacement passport.

Section 9: Personal legal liability

  • Certified copy of third party’s identification card.
  • Medical certificate and medical bill for injury to third party.
  • Receipts and repair estimate of damaged property.
  • All other available supporting documents.