NZI Healthcare and Aetna International work at a local, regional and international level to connect you with first-class medical assistance in Thailand and around the world wherever and whenever you need it.

We are committed to providing a timely and professional insurance claims service that delivers financial protection and care when you need it most, backed by our own assistance service.

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Inpatient Treatment, Daycare and Emergency Assistance

Round the clock assistance, 365 days a year

When you call IG Assistance, you can rely on our team of professionals to co-ordinate with hospitals, arrange for evacuation by road or air if necessary, and to take care of approval and payment for treatment directly with the hospital.

Process for Inpatient / Daycare Treatment Claims and Emergency Assistance

When you become aware of the need for inpatient treatment or are admitted into hospital in the event of a medical emergency you should always contact our international helpline.

Call free from:

Australia 1800 432 148
China 400 120 6008
Greece 00 800 1809 204 3805
Hong Kong 800 905 391
Japan 00 66 338 015 40
Malaysia 180 080 2157
Philippines 1800 1641 0003
Singapore 800 120 4494
South Africa 0 800 980 821
Thailand 001 800 442 221
UAE 800 044 0131
UK 0800 2230 223
USA 1 866 840 9747

From the rest of the world, call collect or direct on +44(0)1252 351 200

Our team will ask some basic questions and will then make the necessary arrangements for settling your treatment costs directly and making any other arrangements if necessary.

Outpatient Treatment Claims

If your medical condition does not require admittance into hospital (e.g. a simple consultation with a doctor) then there’s no need to let us know immediately.

All outpatient claims are settled on a pay-and-claim basis: simply pay the provider up-front, submit the necessary claims documents to us and we’ll reimburse you (less any excess applicable to your plan).

Requirements for Outpatient Claims Settlement

  1. See your medical practitioner, therapist, specialist or consultant in the usual way.
  2. Pay your bill for the treatment you have received.
  3. Make sure you get an original itemized invoice and original receipt.
  4. Complete a claim form (please make sure that you complete one claim form for each medical condition). Note: one section is to be completed by the medical practitioner so we recommend taking a form with you when you go for treatment/consultation.
  5. Send the following to us so we process your claim:
    • The original itemized bill and receipt
    • The fully completed claim form
    • A copy of the prescription, medical report and any test results if relevant
    • A signed copy of your passport/ID if you have not provided this to us previously

Original documents are required to finalize claims reimbursement but the process can be initiated by emailing scanned copies to us.

Please email claims to

Send claims by post to:

Claims Team, NZI Healthcare
Safety Insurance Public Company Limited - New Petchburi Road Branch (NZI)
24th FL, Thanapoom Tower,
1550 New Petchburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchtevi, Bangkok 10400,

Please call us on +66 (2) 662 8295 or email if you require any further assistance.