Contractors Plant & Machinery Insurance

What is Contractors Plant & Machinery Insurance?

This is an All Risks policy that provides cover against the plant, machineries and equipments of contractor during use, rested, and shifted within the specified project site for use anywhere, which generally used under rough working conditions and damage vulnerability.

Suitable for

Any contractor, owned machine and/or hired in machine / equipment.


The CPM policy is designed for all such situations and will assist in protecting the contractor against the sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage. General coverage will be included Fire and Lightning, Accidental damage, Water damage, Flood, Storm, Tempest, Inundation, Collapse, Collision, Impact, Theft & Burglary, Subsidence, Landslide, Rockslide, etc. which not under policy exclusion.


  • Covers unforeseen physical damage to machinery insured at construction site.